For two hours on Wednesday morning, ASC employees had the opportunity to learn about creating and maintaining a culture of safety throughout the company.  The information was presented by veteran safety trainers Tim Neubauer and Julia Kunlo from Evolution Safety Resources
The presentation was attended by all Corporate and Durham branch employees, as well as the warehousemen, erectors, and drivers from the Raleigh branch.  Later in the morning the same program was given to all Greensboro branch employees. 
This training focused on ensuring that companies develop a safety culture that is proactive instead of reactive.  Emphasis was placed on individual responsibility for recognizing safety concerns, as well as the proper procedure for reporting those concerns.  Topics covered included fall protection, equipment inspection, forklift operation, and motor vehicle operation.
The instructors used a multi-media presentation, along with several anecdotal examples of real and hypothetical safety situations.  We are grateful to Tim and Julia for the excellent presentation and the engaging conversations that were had. 

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