• DuraChute Trash Chute Section 0300

  • DuraFlat Chute Section 0500

  • DuraFlat Dura Converter 0510

  • DuraChute Intake Hopper 0301

  • DuraChute Intermediate Intake Hopper 0305

  • DuraChute Basic Support Frame 0310

  • DuraChute Window / Parapet Outrigger (Set) 0311

  • DuraChute Scaffold Outrigger 0312

  • DuraChute Flat Roof Outrigger 0314

  • DuraChute Flat Roof Safety Frame 0315

  • DuraChute " No Touch " Parapet / Roof / Window Outrigger 0313

  • DuraChute Pitched Roof Outrigger 0316

 Trash Chutes for Construction Sites

Looking for an easy, safe way to clean up and remove trash and debris from your construction jobsite? Associated Scaffolding provides a wide selection of debris and trash chutes specifically designed for construction sites that are available in a variety of materials, including steel and heavy plastic.

Benefits of Construction Trash Chutes

Trash chutes make short work of disposing of construction debris, including rubble, stone, shingles and roofing material, and even plumbing fixtures. Able to connect to your scaffolding or building, your team can easily send trash directly into a dumpster without worry of injuring someone. This saves the need to carry heavy trash down from high floors, saving your workers time and helping you get work done faster.

Trash Chute Materials

Our construction trash chutes are available in steel and heavy plastic. We are proud to carry the DURACHUTE™ plastic debris chute system, consisting of molded plastic that is highly resilient and stable, sure to maintain its shape even when heavy, bulky, or oddly-shaped debris is being sent through it. DURACHUTE™ is the preferred system for roofers, general contractors, and construction rental companies, in addition to being the leading choice for our scaffolding customers.

Debris Chute Accessories

In addition to the chute itself, Associated Scaffolding carries the accessories and equipment you need to make sure it’s secure, stable, and safe, including:

  • Intake hoppers
  • Protective liners
  • Trash chute sections with chains
  • Basic support frames
  • Scaffold outriggers
  • Window/parapet outriggers
  • Manual winches
  • Hopper retainer bars
  • Crane picking bars

Contact Us for Construction Trash Chutes

To learn more about our selection of trash and debris chutes, reach out to the team at Associated Scaffolding today! Not only do we carry everything you need, we can help you design the system, as well as provide installation and delivery services.

With an experienced, highly trained team at each of our seven locations and in our national sales department, we’ll help you choose the right option for your next project. Call us today at (800) 768-2655 or fill out our contact form to get started. Only need a trash chute for a short period of time? Check out our rental department!


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