• WallWalker Hanging Scaffold w/ Guardrail Posts

  • WallWalker Scaffold Bracket End gate

  • WallWalker Stabilizer Bars

  • ACRO Steel Wall Scaffold 48″ Scaffold Bracket

  • ACRO Steel Wall Scaffold 54” 2×8 Corner Bracket

  • ACRO Steel Wall Scaffold End Fence Guardrail

  • ACRO Steel Wall Scaffold Guardrail Post with Holder For Bracket

  • ACRO Steel Wall Scaffold Over Plate Hanger for Bracket

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Wallwalker and ACRO Hanging Wall Scaffold

When you are working in heights that require a scaffold so that you can move freely, a Wallwalker or ACRO hanging wall scaffold is the solution. This type of scaffold allows you to work on roofs and other places of great heights with stability and without fear of falling. 

Wallwalker and ACRO hanging wall scaffolding creates a safe platform attached to tops of walls, roofs, windows, and other places that are difficult to reach. A Wallwalker or ACRO hanging wall scaffold eliminates the need for a vehicle-mounted device such as a cherry picker or boom truck. 

Because a Wallwalker or ACRO hanging wall scaffold is hung from a structure that is stationary and vertical, once in place, it cannot be raised or lowered. This makes for a very stable surface to work from. However, it also requires that you pay keen attention to the structure the hanging wall scaffold is hung from. Always be sure that the hanging scaffold is attached to a structure that is able to support the intended loads.

At Associated Scaffolding, our Wallwalker and ACRO hanging wall scaffold are safe, easy to secure, and installation is a breeze. It accommodates your many needs with versatility. And, installation is quick! No more having to build wooden scaffolding that takes time and money.

We offer everything you need to set up a complete and safe work environment that is adaptable to any job. Whatever your job requires for hanging wall scaffold–guardrail posts, bracket end gates, stabilizer bars, 48” scaffold brackets, corner brackets, and end fence guardrails–you will find them here at Associated Scaffolding.

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We offer a variety of options to purchase, as well as delivery to customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Browse our selection or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655 to see how we can help you