• Tele-Tower ADJUSTABLE SCAFFOLD Work Platforms

  • Tele-Tower Work Platform Extensions

  • TELPRO Doorminator® Model 3070 Door Handler

  • TELPRO Doorminator® Model 40100 Door Handler

  • TELPRO DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 125

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 138-2

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 439

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 460

  • TELPRO The Troll® 2721 Material Cart

  • TELPRO The Troll® 49 Panel Handler

  • TELPRO The Troll® Bridge Modular Cart System

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Telpro – Paragon Pro Carts and Tele Towers for Sale

Hoisting drywall for ceilings, raising cabinetry, and other interior renovation, repair, and construction projects can be physically demanding and even lead to injury. As part of our dedication to improving job site productivity and maximizing safety, we are a proud vendor for Telpro material handling tools. From the Tele-Tower line of adjustable scaffolding kits that make it easy to paint hard to reach areas and install molding to material handling carts that hold and lift panels of drywall, cabinets, doors, and more, their products save you time and minimize worker fatigue to maximize productivity. 

At Associated Scaffolding, we carry a variety of Telpro – Paragon Pro  products, including: 

About Telpro Material Handling Carts and Lifts

You may know Telpro by their recently updated name, Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions. Originally, Telpro was founded over 45 years ago, in 1973, with a commitment to providing high-quality, cost-effective scaffolding and material handling equipment and tools while building trust-based relationships with their vendors. In 2018, Telpro was sold to the current partners, who chose to name it Paragon Pro Manufacturing Solutions. 

Just because the name changed, the quality, drive for innovation, and dedication to improvement remains the same. Even though this North Dakota based company is family-owned and locally operated, the team relies on innovation and the latest manufacturing solutions to stay at the forefront of safety regulations and continue making products that save time, reduce injury, and improve working conditions. 

Order Telpro – Paragon Pro Drywall Lifts and More!

For Telpro drywall lifts, material carts, and so much more, reach out to our team at Associated Scaffolding today. Visit one of our seven locations, shop our online store, or call us today at 1-800-768-2655 to learn more about our selection and get a quick quote on equipment.