Toolbox Safety Talks

Our sales team partners with many of our manufacturers to provide our customers with one hour Toolbox Safety Talks on your job site in NC, SC, VA, and TN.

Ladder Safety

Ladders may seem simple, but improper use results in many serious injuries. Knowing the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” can help you avoid becoming another victim of falling from a ladder.  This talk will cover:

  • Choosing the right ladder
  • Inspection process of a ladder
  • Set up and safe use of a ladder

PPE Awareness

Employers are required to educate each worker on the use of personal protective equipment.  This talk will cover:

  • When PPE is necessary
  • What kind is necessary
  • How to properly adjust, wear, and take it off
  • The limitations of the equipment
  • Proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of the equipment




Confined Space Fall Protection

Confined spaces can expose workers to many unique hazards. Having the correct fall protection components and understanding how to use them is essential. This talk will cover the major elements of a fall protection and retrieval system for confined space:

  • Properly fitted full body harness
  • Fall arrest device (i.e. retractable lifeline)
  • Anchorage connector (i.e. tripod or davit)



ABC's of Fall Protection

Falls are among the most common causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. Employers must take measures to educate their employees on selecting the proper Personal Fall Arrest System. When selecting fall protection equipment, it’s important to look for the “ABC’s”:

  • Anchorage
  • Body support
  • Connection


Training At The Next Level

Competent Person Training

Having the right tools for the job is only half of what you need to get the job done, knowing how to use those tools is the other half.

OSHA requires each employer using construction access equipment to have a “Competent Person” on site to identify hazards and correct them. Associated Scaffolding’s Safety Instructors can give your personnel the knowledge to do that and more.


  • Scaffolding

    This course will help identify the dangers of working with supported scaffolds and how these risks can be minimized by knowing the correct ways to maintain, inspect and use scaffolding equipment.
  • Fall Protection

    The purpose of this fall protection program is to establish guidelines to protect all employees engaged in outdoor or indoor work activities that expose them to potential falls from elevations.
  • OSHA

    The OSHA Outreach Training Program is OSHA’s primary way to train workers in the basics of occupational safety and health.
  • CPR / First Aid

    This class meets the current guidelines for CPR as well as the OSHA requirements for first aid training in the workplace.

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A member of our sales team will partner with one of many manufactures to provide our customers with a one hour Toolbox Safety Talk on your job site in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Contact us today at (800) 768-2655 to learn more!

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