• Reechcraft PL-X4 Power Lift (3' 7" Platform Height)

  • Reechcraft PL-X8 Power Lift (7' 7" Platform Height)

  • Reechcraft PL-X12 Power Lift (11' 7" Platform Height)

  • Reechcraft PL-X16 Power Lift (15' 8" Platform Height)

  • Reechcraft PL-X20 Power Lift (19' 8" Platform Height)

  • Reechcraft PL-XM Power Lift Modular Base Unit

  • Reechcraft PL20 PowerLift

  • Reechcraft PL65 PowerLift

  • Reechcraft PowerLift Hitch Hauler

  • Reechcraft Crane Hook Kit

  • Reechcraft Platform Transport Wheel Kit

  • Reechcraft Powerlift Compact Base PL-XM

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Quality Manufactured Portable Personal Lifts

Portable personal lifts give your team more freedom and flexibility to complete work at different elevations and angles in a fast and effective way. And as you know, these benefits come in handy as you work to complete fast-paced projects. With a broad range of uses, you can rest assured the right lift will be a highly valuable addition to your contractor business. 

Your crew’s safety is another great reason to invest in the right lift. It’s part of Associated Scaffolding’s goal to help you succeed safely and effectively. We do this in part by taking the guesswork out of compliance as all of our portable personal lifts meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

How Do Portable Personal Lifts Work?

A personal lift gives a worker the ability to complete many commonplace tasks at different elevations. They’re generally used for tasks like painting and finishing work, tile laying, and installing fixtures like lights or vent covers for example. Once set up safely and properly, the worker can use the powered lift to ascend or descend to spaces that are harder to get to. The lift’s general stability and safety bars which surround your team member often make a personal lift far safer than a ladder. 

Browse Our Secure & Safe Portable Personal Lifts

Take a look at our selection of lifts. They’re built to meet strict safety parameters and are designed by experienced manufacturers. Only materials of outstanding quality are used in the process.

Some of our selection includes the one-man JLG Combo Pack Portable Liftpod, perfect for finishing work or installing various elements conveniently and safely. The JLG FT70 Portable Liftpod allows for a 360-degree range of motion. Plus, its caster wheels are non-marking, minimizing clean up needs after you’re finished working in an area.  

Check out the impressive Reechcraft M20 PowerLift too. This piece is compact and perfect for smaller spaces. And out of all the low-level lifts available, it’s the lightest, making it convenient for just one person to transport. We even offer the Reechcraft PowerLift Hitch Hauler. With the right hitch, you can easily move your PowerLift from site to site without relying on a trailer. 

Order Your Portable Personal Lift Now

Call 1-800-768-2655 today to speak with our team about your next portable personal lift. Let us know what type of work you need to accomplish and we’ll help you with the right solution. Also feel free to visit any one of our stores in Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Durham, NC, and Richmond, VA.