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Portable Personal Lifts

Reechcraft PowerLift Hitch Hauler

Model Number: 4026236

The convenient Reechcraft Model# 4026236 Hitch Hauler PowerLift accessories eliminates the need for a trailer – any vehicle with a type III (2 in.) receiver hitch can transport the PowerLift. The PowerLift can be loaded and secured in under 15 seconds and no ropes, chains or straps are required. No trailer is needed and you can keep your storage space available in the vehicle
Online Price: $1,025.00
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What can PowerLift provide to you?

  • PowerLift was designed for safety as well as convenience and productivity, having models that meet ANSI A92.3, EN280, CSA354.1 and AS1418.10. The fully enclosed personnel basket on the PowerLift provides security and a hand crank system is provided for emergency retraction.
  • PowerLift is perfect for locations where access is difficult for other lifts such as stairways and tight spaces. It works great in factories, warehouses, offices and homes, both indoors or outdoors.
  • PowerLift is the lightest low-level lift on the market. One person can easily move it on its castors.
  • This product is very simple to operate! Its only electrical component is the drill for power. There are no expensive controls, sensors or switches to repair.


Weight 50 lbs


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