Hoist Repair


Sky Climber

Associated Scaffolding has a team of technicians at our service center who are factory trained and certified by Sky Climber. We are able to provide our customers with hoist motor repairs, OSHA mandated annual inspections, and Sky Climber required certifications.


Bee Access (Bisomac)

The experienced Associated Scaffolding repair team is trained and certified by Bee Access Products to provide services on the Bisomac hoist. This allows us to provide you with certifications, OSHA mandated annual inspections, and repairs on hoist motors to keep your equipment safe and compliant.


Beta Max Hoist

Our technicians have been factory trained and certified by Beta Max to provide repair services on their material hoist products. Inspections, load testing, and cable replacement are just some of the benefits we provide.


Hi-Lo Climbers

Our swing stage technicians are factory trained and certified by Hansen on Hi-Lo Climbers to provide OSHA mandated annual service and repair to your FD24 drill motor hoists, as well as the faster climbing FD35I.

Contact Us for Swing Stage And Material Hoist Repairs

Whether you need a certification, annual inspection, or have concerns with malfunctioning equipment, our service department can help. With years of experience we can provide you with the suspended scaffold hoist repairs and services you need to keep your job site safe while minimizing expensive downtime. Contact us today at (800) 768-2655 to learn more.

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