• Sky Genie EB-4U Descent Bosun Chair System

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  • Sky Genie BC-2B Bosun’s Chair

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  • Sky Genie BC-4 Bosun’s Chair

  • Sky Genie Bosun’s Chair: BC-4U

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  • Sky Genie Large (1/2″) Descent Line

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Sky Genie Bosun’s Chairs, Ropes, and Descent Devices

Bosun chairs are a type of suspended stage for jobs at elevated heights, such as construction and window washing, as well as situations that require lowering into a space like a manhole. Bosun chairs are supported by lines from a structure or building and can be moved up and down. 

When the job requires a more comfortable position than a traditional platform provides, a bosun chair is the solution. Traditional platform scaffolding can result in workers becoming tired from standing and bending, resulting in the potential for stumbling or falling after long periods. A bosun chair eliminates these hazards by providing a seat from which to work.

Along with the chair, descent devices and ropes are essential pieces in controlling the movement so that it is smooth and reliable.

Safe, Comfortable, and Convenient

The bosun chair is a seat that allows you to rest hips and legs while working. Most chairs are padded and have removable back supports so the seat remains comfortable for long periods of use. These features make it ideal for jobs like window cleaning, maintenance, painting, confined spaces and industrial rope access situations. A bosun chair should be considered for any job that uses tools and accessories that can be attached.

The bosun chairs are equipped with both built-in adjustable waist belts and a four-point suspension for extra stability that add to safety for your workers.

For your convenience, Associated Scaffolding provides a variety of selections for bosun chairs, components and systems. We are proud to provide our products online and in our brick and mortar locations. Browse our selection or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655 to see how we can help you. We offer delivery and installation! For more information about scaffold solutions for rental, click here.