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Portable Liftpods from JLG for Sale

When you need to work in higher spaces, a ladder is not always the safest option. There’s minimal room to maneuver and no space to store your supplies or tools. If you’re frequently working on issues like light fixtures, installing wiring, and other tasks that require a better access solution than a ladder, consider a portable liftpod from JLG.

Lightweight and easy to assemble, portable liftpods provide you with a stable platform that allows you to work comfortably, turn, lift, and move with ease. Manufactured by JLG, we carry several options to best meet your needs.

Why Choose JLG Portable Liftpods

Since 1969, Pennsylvania-based company, JLG Industries, Inc. has been a trusted designer and manufacturer of access equipment. Founded by John L. Grove, who, at that point had co-founded a crane manufacturing company, he transitioned that knowledge to manufacture machines that can safely lift workers in the air to easily perform tasks.

For 50 years, they were able to grow in both scope and reputation, as more businesses and companies grew to rely on their high-quality, reliable equipment.  Today, they work with companies around the world, delivering powerful, versatile equipment designed to keep workers safe while increasing productivity and performance.

We carry portable liftpods by JLG because they have the same dedication to quality that we do, and we are proud to sell their products to our customers.

Contact Us for Portable Liftpods from JLG

When you need an access solution that provides you more stability and security so you can get your work done safely and efficiently, we can help. Shop online or visit one of our six locations to purchase a JLG liftpod or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655 to learn more!