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Traffic Safety Equipment from TrafFix Devices

We understand the importance of traffic safety, whether you’re blocking potholes to prevent vehicle damage, directing traffic around road work, or even blocking foot traffic from a construction zone. You need highly visible gear that is easy to see even in rain, snow, and fog while standing up to wind, harsh sun, and other adverse conditions. To help you meet those needs, we carry a full product line of traffic safety equipment from TrafFix Devices.

Why Choose TrafFix Devices

TrafFix Devices was founded in 1986 in San Clemente, California with the goal of manufacturing and distributing high-quality, dependable road and and highway safety products and have grown to one of the largest producers in the world. In spite of their rapid growth, they still maintain high standards for their products, ensuring every cone, barrier, and delineator meets the Federal Highway National Cooperative Highway Research Project standard, HCHRP 350.

One example of how they are leading the industry in innovation is in their Enviro-Cone. Traditionally, traffic cones are made from PVC  due to low cost and high durability. However, it has a low melting point and at temperatures over 120°F, it can melt to the road surface. Across the southern United States, summer temperatures can exceed 100°F and road temperatures can easily soar above that, so they worked to create a cone that would stand up to high temperatures while still offering the durability necessary to get the job done.

To combat this, Recently, they created the Enviro-Cone, made from Low-Density Polyethylene that is able to withstand temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 180°F without melting, breaking, or cracking.

Contact Us for Traffic Safety Equipment from TrafFix Devices

We carry a wide variety of traffic cones, delineators, barricades, and barriers to keep your crew, drivers, and pedestrians safe. To buy the equipment you need, check out our online store or one of our six locations today! To speak with a sales representative, give us a call at 1-800-768-2655.