• Sky Climber Fully Adjustable Parapet Clamp

  • Sky Climber Cornice Hook

  • Sky Climber Rolling Roof Rig (RRR Packages)

  • Sky Climber Adjustable Beam Clamp

  • Sky Climber Tank Top Roller

  • Sky Climber Header Beam Kit

  • Corner Adaptor

  • Fulton Jack

  • Mid Beam

  • Pigeon Hole Stand

  • Sky Climber 50 lbs. Steel Counterweight

  • Sky Climber Beam Connecting Tube

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Well-Crafted Sky Climber Rigging Accessories

Sky Climber rigging accessories are known for their long track record of reliability. That’s crucial in your line or work. When you’re using suspended scaffolding to make repairs or exterior finishes to a building or structure, the very base of your system’s operation and safe function relies on proper roof rigging with trusted equipment. The safety of workers, passersby and materials depends on it. That’s why Associated Scaffolding sells rigging accessories from Sky Climber. 

Why Are Sky Climber Rigging Accessories Trusted?

Sky Climber has been a trusted source for roof rigging equipment for over 60 years. Their operations create truly sturdy and durable equipment while ensuring all weight load requirements and standards are properly met. For many industrial and commercial scaffolding professionals around the world, Sky Climber’s brand of roof rigging equipment is the go-to.

How Does Suspended Scaffold Roof Rigging Work?

Roof rigging is performed for suspended scaffolding. A rig is usually made up of a beam configured with a counterweight on the roof, thereby acting as a base to hold the weight of the scaffolding which is attached by a series of cables. This allows for safe and easy movement of the scaffolding.  

Some of Our Sky Climber Roof Rigging Accessories

We have standard rolling roof rigs and header beam kits, but we also offer some speciality equipment to help you on your unique projects:

Down and Under

This item can assist with extending your safe work area over parapets as well as beneath overhangs. 

Corner Adaptor

The corner adapter especially helps with optimizing platform position near parapet corners. It not only minimizes the outreach by positioning the fulcrum more towards the parapet, but also reduces the amount of counterweights needed. 

Trust Our Seasoned Experts if You Need Advice

Our staff is well-versed on Sky Climber rigging gear and they’re happy to help if you have questions or need assistance. As a company that is dedicated to all things scaffolding, you can always rest easy knowing we’re here to help with our experience and skills. We’ll make sure you’re set up to perform the best possible work you can. 

Order Your Sky Climber Rigging Accessories Today!

Call us at 1-800-768-2655, make your purchase on our website or say hello to one of our knowledgeable experts at one of our stores in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA and Columbia, SC. Associated Scaffolding is happy to supply equipment throughout the Southeast U.S. We also can ship to other parts of the U.S.