• KStrong BRUTE Cable 3-Way Rescue Retrieval SRL-R UFS310060R

  • Fall Tech Aluminum Confined Space Pulley

  • Fall Tech Retrieval Yoke

  • Fall Tech 3pc Vehicle Hitch-mount Base

  • Fall Tech Vehicle Hitch Mount Base, 24" to 44"

  • Fall Tech Vehicle Hitch Mount Extender

  • Fall Tech Barrel Mount Davit Base

  • Fall Tech Manhole Davit Base for 22" to 24" Access

  • Fall Tech Bolt-on Install Flush-mount Fixed Base

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Confined Space Accessories

Many different accessories are available to complete a confined space davit and hoist system. When your workplace includes a confined space, fall protection is imperative and having a complete system requires the right accessories.

OSHA has written a definition of a confined space that is part of a workplace; it is not designed for people yet it is large enough for workers to enter, perform certain tasks, and exit. A confined space is not designed for continuous occupancy and has limited or restricted means for entry and egress.

Workplaces that are confined spaces include, but are not limited to, manholes, tanks, and tunnels. These situations can be found in construction, maintenance, and rescue operations and are considered to be extremely dangerous. Without proper fall protection systems in place, there is potential for personal injury and even loss of life.

Accessories to Complete Your Confined Space Needs

It is imperative to ensure that your fall protection systems are complete and suited to your specific worksite. Equipment such as davits, hoists, and lifeline pulleys are essential in preventing accidents and recovering from accidents if they occur. Part of a complete fall protection system for confined spaces will include having proper accessories that amend and adapt the equipment for the requirements of the job.

Associated Scaffolding’s Selection of Confined Space Accessories

At Associated Scaffolding, we have put together a selection of Fall Tech, Guardian, KStrong and many more confined space accessories that you may need in completely outfitting your fall protection system. These include flush mounts for fixed davit bases, Tri-Pods, 3-way rescue and retrieval SLRs, pulleys, retrieval yokes, and mount extenders that may be necessary to replace parts or amend your existing systems. You can find all of these here. 

For example, we have the Guardian Pro Series Floor Mount Base and the Guardian 4-Point Wall Mount Base to accommodate the need to connect either to a floor or to a wall permanently.

Other needed accessories could include a heavy-duty hitch mount base, or a vehicle hitch mount base (like the Fall Tech 3-Piece Vehicle Hitch-Mount Base). You’ll find many other frequently needed accessories for mounts such as the Fall Tech Manhole Davit Base and the Fall Tech Barrel Mount Davit Base. Just about any accessory you need, you’ll find here!

Order Your Confined Space Accessories Today

We want to help you with your confined space fall protection needs. Call us at 1-800-768-2655 today with any questions you may have! For your convenience, you can buy online or from one of our stores throughout Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC as well as Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN and Richmond, VA. We look forward to assisting you in any way we can!