• Sky Climber Fully Adjustable Parapet Clamp

  • Sky Climber Cornice Hook

  • Sky Climber Rolling Roof Rig (RRR Packages)

  • Sky Climber Adjustable Beam Clamp

  • Sky Climber Tank Top Roller

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    5 x 26 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (5000' Spool)

  • Sky Climber Header Beam Kit

  • Corner Adaptor

  • Pigeon Hole Stand

  • Sky Climber 50 lbs. Steel Counterweight

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    Sky Climber Adjustable Corner

  • Sky Climber Beam Connecting Tube

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Sky Climber Swing Stage Equipment 

Associated Scaffolding is proud to carry swing stage equipment and products from the internationally known company Sky Climber. Located in Central Ohio, Sky Climber is the industry leader in access solutions and swing stage equipment. Since 1955 Sky Climber has been designing, manufacturing products and equipment for industrial, commercial construction and maintenance applications. Providing a superior quality product, they keep safety at the forefront of everything they do. If you want equipment you can depend on, you want Sky Climber products!

A Full Line of Sky Climber Suspended Scaffold Products

Associated Scaffolding carries a full line of suspended scaffold products from Sky Climber like cornice hooks, parapet clamps, electric and air hoists, modular platforms, top rigging, work cages, and electrical accessories. 

Sky Climber Hoists

Sky Climber’s well-known hoists are unparalleled in the industry. Some of the hoists we offer are the Sky Climber Compact Electric Hoist 1000, 1250, and 1500 that have the ability to operate in hard-to-reach spaces and very small openings of 18”. The Sky Climber LNX 1000 Hoist is another product that comes in 750, 1250, and 1500 options. This hoist requires very little maintenance, contains fewer parts, is easy to operate, and costs less to operate and maintain than other hoists on the market.

The Sky Lock is a fall arrest safety device that detects when the hoist system is experiencing speed that is too fast for full safety and self-brakes. Sky Climber’s locking systems are included with the Compact and the LNX hoists.

Sky Climber Transformers, Controllers, and Wireless Remotes

The ability to control hoists is of paramount importance and we offer several ways to do so using Sky Climber’s controllers. The Sky Climber Central Control Box provides simultaneous control from 2 to 4 hoists by a single operator. The Hoist Pendant Control allows operators to remotely control electric hoists as do the Wireless Remote Control Systems. When your work site has limited or low-power supplies, use one of Sky Climbers power transformers like the Step-Down Transformer, or the Booster Transformer.

Sky Climber Accessories

Sky Climber’s accessories provide additional support to our other items. Such products include electric yoke assemblies, drop cords, platforms, rolling roof rigs, and much more.

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If you are looking for the highest quality in safety access equipment, look no further than our Sky Climber products. Call us at 1-800-768-2655, browse our website, or visit our locations in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC as well as Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN and Richmond, VA. We are eager to help!