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Shoring Frames, Posts and Accessories for Sale or Rent

Shoring and reshoring are used in areas where extreme weight capacity needs temporary support. These projects can include new concrete structures, bridge repairs, building construction, demolition, or floor support. Made up of a system of vertical supports, shoring is designed and strategically placed to safely support the structure.

Reshoring is used by many contractors in both restoration and new construction. Contractors that need a solution to support weight while repairing or building a floor, a roof, or a wall use shoring/reshoring. It can be used for interior, exterior, industrial, commercial, short-term, or long-term projects.

If you need a reshoring project professionally installed, we have a trained team of experienced professionals that provide this service across the Southeast as part of our turnkey rental solutions. We also have local erect and dismantle teams that provide installation of our reshoring products. Our team works closely with the sales team and the customer to provide safe, cost effective solutions.

We are proud to provide OSHA-compliant shoring/reshoring online and in our brick and mortar locations. Customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee can purchase or rent shoring from Associated Scaffolding. Browse our selection or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655 to see how we can help you.