When you’re putting together all the items you need in your fall protection plan, consider a kit. Instead of buying everything separately, it is so much easier and convenient to buy a kit that already has the main fall protection items in it. You may still need to buy separate things for replacement when something gets misplaced or lost, but the main items you need are taken care of with a kit. 
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    KStrong 50' Roofers Fall Protection Bucket Kit UFB101050

  • KStrong Roofers Safety Kit w/ harness, rope, rope grab assembly, reusable roof anchor bucket & lid






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These are some of the items you can get with a kit:

Why Buy a Custom Fall Protection Kit?

Fall protection kits make your life easier by saving you the time that it can take to procure separate pieces of your fall protection materials. You also enjoy cost benefits with a custom kit! Depending on how many items are in it, you can pay less for a kit than if you bought everything separately.

A Great Selection Of Fall Protection Kits

Associated Scaffolding has a selection of fall protection kits that fits any need you may have at a variety of price points. Different work situations may have a need for specific items, so we have fall protection kits that are outfitted for roofers and construction workers. For example, our K-Strong 50 foot Roofers Fall Protection Kit, Model #UFB101050 comes with a 5-point adjustable harness, a 50 ft. vertical ⅝” diameter polysteel lifeline with a snap hook on anchor end with the other end taped, a 3 ft.shock absorbing rope grab assembly, reusable hinged roof anchor, and a storage bucket with a lid.

Our Werner K122001 Construction/Maintenance Kits include the most common components for a safety fall protection system in a variety of environments for a range of applications. This particular fall protection kit includes a harness with tongue buckle leg straps, a 6 ft. lanyard, and a web cross-arm strap as a basic anchor, all packaged in a waterproof bucket.

Our fall protection kit with heavy duty items is the Super Anchor Max-P, which includes a Maxima 4015M RG 3004 Absorber PD6101 harness, a 50 ft. lifeline with a 3,600 lb. gate strength snap hook, a Pro Series harness, 5-point webbing, a hinge2 reusable anchor for flat and pitched roofs, mechanical rope grab with an energy absorbing lanyard in a storage bucket.

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