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Aluminum Bending Brakes for Sale

A bending brake is the tool used to bend custom metal flashing and decorative trim, mostly used for working on siding and roofing but can also be handy for a multitude of projects. At first appearance, a bending brake may look complicated, but it is simply a large clamp with a moving hinge. You start with a flat piece of aluminum and bend it any way you need. Bending brakes are perfect for creating custom pieces.

Different types of metals have different strengths and come in a variety of lengths, requiring a bending brake that will handle the metal you are working with. Metal benders come in standard straight bending or box & pan brake styles, floor mounted or benchtop. The brake consists of a flat surface onto which the material is placed, and a clamping bar that comes down and holds the material firmly during the bend.

Our Selection of Van Mark Bending Brakes

At Associated Scaffolding we’ve got you covered for any type of metal bending or trimming your projects require. Our Van Mark bending brakes are high quality and stronger than other brands, They have large, strong castings for better clamping and more extrusions for strength and accuracy. Van Mark bending brakes also have fewer moving parts, so there is a less frequent need for repairs and replacement parts. Additionally, the Van Mark uses a 4-point track bearing system instead of the 2-point track system that can ride off the brake and potentially ripple the metal

The Mark I Series and Mark II TrimMaster have a 14” throat depth and the Metal Master 20 has a 20” throat depth (like the Metal Master 20 – 60 Series). The Mark I, Mark II TrimMaster, and Metal Master 20 bend light gauge aluminum, steel and copper found in residential siding applications. The Mark IV TrimMaster and Industrial Metal Master 20 bend aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel and zinc found in roofing, HVAC, commercial and industrial applications.

We also provide other items that work with the bending brakes like trim formers, trim cutters, dispensers, and stands (UNISTAND™ EZ GO).

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