MetalTech Now Manufactures Qual-Craft Pump Jacks

  Both Qual-Craft and MetalTech are renowned for producing top-quality pump jack scaffolding products that meet the highest standards of durability, safety, and reliability in the construction and maintenance industry. Recently MetalTech acquired Qual-Craft aluminum pump jack products and manufacturing systems! MetalTech plans to continue manufacturing the high-quality pump jack scaffolding systems once produced by Qual-Craft Industries.
  • 24' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

  • 30' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

  • 36' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

  • 42' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

  • 48' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

  • Metaltech Aluminum Pole Connector

  • Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Poles

  • Metaltech Aluminum Ultra Pump Jack

  • Metaltech Aluminum Workbench

  • Metaltech Ultra-Jack Brace

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Why Trust MetalTech Pump Jack Scaffolding Systems

MetalTech’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its meticulous craftsmanship and the use of premium materials, resulting in scaffolding systems that can withstand the demands of rigorous worksites. All of its pump jack scaffolding products are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control measures, ensuring that each component is built to last and perform consistently over time. This dedication to quality has established MetalTech as a trusted brand, with construction professionals and contractors relying on their products for efficient and secure vertical access solutions.

About MetalTech Pump Jack Scaffolding Systems

MetalTech’s pump jack scaffolding systems offer a versatile and safe solution for working at heights. These systems are ingeniously designed to allow workers to access elevated areas with ease and precision.

The adjustable nature of the pump jack scaffolding allows for different heights and angles to be accommodated, catering to a wide range of construction and maintenance tasks.

With user safety as a top priority, MetalTech incorporates features such as secure locking mechanisms and stable baseplates, ensuring stability and preventing accidents during operation. Whether for roofing, siding, painting, or other tasks requiring elevated access, MetalTech pump jack scaffolding products provide the peace of mind that comes with dependable and durable equipment.

Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Use Case

The Metaltech Aluminum Pumps Jack system allows you to raise workers and materials with the push of your foot, and to lower them with the turn of the hand crank.

A very productive and versatile solution that provides safe access for shingling, siding, sheathing, insulating, painting, building, roofing, home repair and maintenance.

Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Dimensions

The system can easily be adjusted to accommodate aluminum scaffold planks up to 24′ in length and 24″ in width. The max pole height is (2) 24′ poles connected together maxing it 48′ tall.