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Net and Wrap Accessories for Sale

Net and wrap accessories are the building blocks to helping you maintain a worksite that is more comfortable for your crew as well as safer for both them and the people closeby to the jobsite. Once you put up a wrapping or netting, you want it to remain stable and in place, so it can perform its role properly. Loose ends and runaway pieces could create safety issues very quickly. Also, if it’s being used for street-level privacy, a runaway covering could give potential thieves a clear look into your site and at the expensive equipment and tools within. So when you’re ordering cords, clips, tape, or ties, always buy them from a source that’s well-known for supplying truly sturdy and strong products.

Net and Wrap Accessories for Many Uses

To help secure your nets and wraps, we supply: 

  • Heavy duty bungee cords 
  • Cable ties 
  • Polyethylene tape 
  • PVC seam tape
  • Scaffold/wind clips 
  • Strong clips 

Corners are never cut with the accessories we offer. Associated Scaffolding has always, and will always supply you with top-of-the-line equipment and supplies. We’re confident that everything we provide, from the largest scaffolding platform to the smallest roll of heavy duty tape, is ready to reliably perform for you.

Why Are Nettings and Wraps So Important? 

Wraps, or polyethylene sheeting, create a protective barrier for your workers against weather elements that could slow down production or worse, create safety hazards. Think snow, wind, rain, and sleet for example. It also prevents things like toxic dust or hazardous fumes from contaminating the areas outside of the work site. Construction debris netting also plays an important role in your job site. Just like wraps, it can help shield your crew from unfavorable conditions plus, when used on scaffolding, it also functions to protect any bypassers from tools or debris that may fall from above. Debris netting is also utilized to create temporary barriers for safety and privacy. 

Order Your Net and Wrap Accessories Now

Call us today at 1-800-768-2655. If you have questions about which accessory works best for which application, we’re happy to help. You can also order supplies online or by visiting our experts at any of our locations in Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VAKnoxville, TNColumbia, SC, Durham, NC, Greensboro, NC, or Raleigh, NC.