• Crinkle Latex Gloves (GL501C5 Series)

  • Pyramex GL102 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL201 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL401 Poly-Torq

  • Pyramex GL402C5 Poly-Torq

  • Pyramex GL601 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL602C3 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL603C5 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL604C5 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL801 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL802CR Series Gloves

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Buy Pyramex Crinkle Latex Gloves & More

Pyramex gloves offer a great way for your construction crew to protect their hands from painful and even debilitating injuries. This is an incredibly important safeguard to use. It’s quite common for hand injuries to result in workers requiring time away from jobs. 

Think about it, things like nails and sharp metal objects are constant threats on any site and they can really take a toll. Luckily, Pyramex creates some of the most reliable, powerful, and trusted construction work gloves around. You can order them here with shipping across the United States.   

How do Pyramex Gloves Work?

Pyramex gloves are often created with Nitrile, Polyurethane, or Latex and feature different layers of material that help to act as a barrier to harm. And besides the safety utility, Pyramex gloves are built to be incredibly comfortable for wearers. Different gloves are manufactured to meet industry ratings for cuts, abrasions, tears, and punctures, and having the right one for the job will let you and your teamwork with more confidence.   

Check out a few of glove options here such as the tear and abrasion-resistant Crinkle Latex Gloves – GL501C5 Series and the Pyramex GL802CR Series Gloves featuring high visibility colors. We also supply the Pyramex GL102 Series Gloves which allow for touch screen interaction for 2 fingers and thumb so you can more easily communicate without having to take them on and off. 

Quality Pyramex Gloves from Your Quality Partner

Since 1947 we have assisted contractors in accomplishing their projects safely and properly, and that was just getting started. Take your projects and business to the next level by working with experts who can help get you what you need. When you require a consistent supplier of scaffolding and construction PPE equipment, think of our team first. 

Buy Your Pyramex Gloves Today

Call 1-800-768-2655 for long-lasting and strong Pyramex gloves shipped nationwide. You can also place an order online or at a One Stop Safety Shop in one of our brick and mortar stores in Charlotte, NC, Durham, NC, Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN, Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, and Richmond, VA.