• Disposable Corded Earplugs DP1001

  • Disposable Uncorded Earplugs DP1000

  • Push-In Disposable Earplug DP3000

  • Push-In Reusable Earplug RP4000

  • Reusable Earplugs RP3001

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Order Your Safety Hearing Protection & Guards From Us

Order enough hearing protection and guards for your construction crew to help fight against unwanted work-related hearing loss. For example, just think about how noisy drills, saws, jackhammers, and other equipment use can be. With so many loud, continuous, and possibly damaging noises happening on a construction site every day, it’s always incredibly vital to properly prepare your team with quality manufactured hearing protection products. 

Since hearing loss occurs over durations of time with high decibel exposure, getting ahead of the curve and being cautious is a great strategy to have. After all, besides hearing loss being detrimental to the quality of your and your workers’ lives, reduced ability to hear correctly on a busy job site could make it harder for your crew to work safely and remain aware of their potentially dangerous environments. 

Disposable Ear Plugs

We can supply you with contoured fit disposable earplugs in large quantities. View the disposable corded earplugs DP1001 which come in quantities of 100 corded plugs per box / 10 boxes per case. We also sell disposable uncorded earplugs DP1000 which are supplied as 200 uncorded plugs per box / 10 boxes per case as well as push-in disposable earplug model DP3000 which feature a stem that helps place plugs into the ear easily. 

Reusable Ear Plugs

Associated Scaffolding can also supply various reusable earplugs, ready to reliably protect hearing over and over again while retaining comfort for the wearer. Learn more about this push-in reusable earplug RP4000 which uses three flexible rubber flanges to create a cozy seal within the ear. Another great option is the model RP3001 reusable earplugs which are corded. 

Order Your Hearing Protection & Hearing Guards

Please call 1-800-768-2655 today to secure your supply of hearing protection earplugs to minimize hearing damage for your team members. Order online and we can ship earplugs nationwide. Or, please visit us to buy in-store at one of our physical locations in Charlotte, NC,  Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, Greensboro, NC, and in Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN.