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Buy Long Lasting Traffic Safety Cones, Barriers, Barricades & More

Make your roadway construction or job sites safer and more efficient by having enough durable traffic safety cones, barriers, and barricades. Your road construction team needs highly visible products to give alert to their presence and help guide traffic safely by the site on a busy highway or street. Traffic barriers can act as an extra shield to traffic lanes for added safety for your road work crew as well.

Building construction sites are another type of work site which are often crowded with multiple vehicles delivering supplies and equipment at nearly any given point. Plus, there are plenty of hazardous areas and obstacles which trucks, machinery operators, and the crew on the ground need to navigate in order to avoid potential injury or damage. 

Having the proper traffic safety products to alert both vehicle drivers and your job site workers to traffic flows or restricted areas will help you create a safer and more productive job site. 

What Are Traffic Safety Cones, Barriers, Barricades?

These products are various upright standing forms that can be moved from one location to another, which are used to mark traffic paths or areas of restricted entrance. They use bright colors like orange and yellow plus sometimes reflective materials as well to enhance visibility. They’re usually made of weather resistant plastic and rubber. Traffic barricades are often made with metal.   

Traffic Safety Cones

These lightweight pieces can be easily moved to create traffic pathways and mark off certain spaces. Some of the traffic safety cones we provide come with a reflective material to make them even easier to see. We also provide non-reflective options. 

Traffic Safety Cone Accessories

If you need traffic safety cone accessories like cone bars, tapes, signs, lights, and more, we’re proud to supply them. Such items can help to further mark work zones effectively and safely. 

Traffic Safety Delineators

Perfect for creating a perimeter warning line system, we offer traffic delineators in a wide range of colors, sizes, bases, non-reflective and reflective, and various top options. 

Traffic Safety Barricades

We supply type I, II, and III traffic safety barricades in all varying styles. From large to small, we’ve got the right option for your site’s needs.

Traffic Safety Barriers

Traffic safety barriers are great for creating safe work areas on the roadways and can also act as protective barriers on building construction sites. 

Order Traffic Safety Cones, Barriers, Barricades & More Today

Call 1-800-768-2655 now to order durable and reliable traffic safety products. We are happy to ship products nationwide and we supply equipment in the Southeastern U.S. You can also purchase within one of our store locations in either Richmond, VA, Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, and Charlotte, NC, and also in Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN.