• TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 125

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 138-2

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 439

  • TELPRO Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 460

  • TELPRO The Troll® 49 Panel Handler

  • TELPRO The Troll® Cart Model 1361 & 1814

  • TELPRO The Troll® Model 112 Panel Handler



  • 18″-30″ DRYWALL STILTS

  • 24″-40″ DRYWALL STILTS

  • 18″-30″ DRYWALL BENCH

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Buy Top-Rated Drywall Equipment Here

To make your drywall installation process faster, easier, and safer for your workers, you’ll want to use durable and well-crafted drywall equipment. Drywall is by far one of the largest aspects of constructing the interior parts of a building and the importance of finishing this step on time can’t be understated. With the right equipment from Associated Scaffolding, you and your team will be prepared for a quick & seamless operation.  

Drywall Equipment for Moving, Installation & More

We offer many different types of drywall equipment for your needs! Here are just a few examples of the high-quality options available:

With the push of a button, the battery-powered hydraulic Telpro Panellift® drywall lift model 460 will move your drywall nearly effortlessly. You can have precise control of the sheet’s placing when it moves closer to its desired spot, thanks to the 2 speed switch.  

Drywall is heavy, so it’s highly important to be able to move it easily from its onsite drop point and throughout the crowded site all the way to its destination. Carts like the Wall Hauler™ Series 3600 are perfect for tackling this job. It even has a removable handle so you can more easily store it.

When it’s time to hang, a trusty 18”-30” drywall bench can help you work safely. Its adjustable height gives you more flexibility and the wide step-up to access the platform, plus rubber, anti-slip feet help to ensure more stability and safety as you work. 

For excellent maneuverability, while working on drywall, the MetalTech 18”-30” drywall stilts are a reliable and stable tool. Just like the 18”-30” model, the Metaltech 24”-40” drywall stilts are also adjustable, giving you the range you need to work at different heights throughout your projects.     

Order Your Drywall Equipment From Our Experts

Call us today at 1-800-768-2655 for effective drywall equipment that’s built to last. If you need assistance with choosing the right product for your work, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be able to help you. Talk with them today on the phone or see them in-person at one of our physical locations in  Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, or Knoxville, TN