• Southwire #26020008-6 12/3 (2') GFCI 3-Way

  • Southwire #02588 12/3 (50') Extension Cord

  • Southwire #02589 12/3 (100') Extension Cord

  • (Qty.100) Southwire #02589 12/3 (100') Extension Cord

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Buy Trustworthy Electrical Cords Here

Electrical cords keep your crew up and running. After all, they’re needed for so many different functions on a job site and help to keep various phases of construction all going on at once. Beyond having a readily available supply of cords, it’s also incredibly important that they are made to be safe for your workers, are of great quality, and can be used in various types of construction environments. The Associated Scaffolding team is here to supply you with top-quality power cords for your projects.   

Why is Having Electrical Cords Handy so Important?

Think of all of the different ways you need to use electrical power nearly continuously throughout the workday. Whether it’s tools, lighting to illuminate work spaces, fans for keeping your crew cool, all the way to equipment for cleaning up towards the end of a job, it’s obvious that you’ll need reliable cords to get each task done as fast and effectively as you can. We supply excellent-quality, long-lasting cords including the Southwire 12/3 50′ extension cord and 12/3 100′ cord as well. We even sell in bulk to help you save, offering Southwire 12/3 100′ extension cords in a quantity of 100. We also provide the Southwire 12/3 (2′) In-Line GFCI 3-way to give you a Tri-Source receptacle for powering up to 3 pieces of equipment at once. 

We Sell Electrical Cords From Respected Manufacturers

We’re proud to supply our cords from Southwire, a respected leader in the production of cable and wiring. Their products are highly regarded and trusted on a mass scale. In fact, Southwire makes half of the cable that’s utilized for distributing and transmitting electricity in the United States. 

Buy Excellent Quality Electrical Cords Today!

Give us a call now at 1-800-768-2655 to secure all of the electrical cords you’ll need for your projects. For over 70 years, we have helped construction teams reach their goals and are proud to help you succeed. You can also order online or pick up supplies and equipment at our locations in the following cities: Richmond, VA, Columbia, SC, Charlotte, NC, Knoxville, TN, Raleigh, NC, Durham, NC, or Greensboro, NC.