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It’s no secret that the tools, supplies, and equipment you use at your job site determine the success of your project, helping you reduce costs and meet your deadlines. Poorly made tarps, sweeps, and tools don’t just wear out quickly, they leave you with poor results while cheap safety equipment can compromise your crew and not meet OSHA guidelines. 

That’s why we are a proud distributor for The Brush Man. They design and manufacture a wide variety of industrial and contractor job site supplies and equipment, including:

  • Brooms, sweeps, and brushes
  • Tarps and sheeting
  • Tools and supplies
  • Marking and measuring tools
  • Roofing tools
  • PPE and safety equipment
  • Shovels, scoops, and spades

These are long-lasting, durable goods that will hold up to the heavy use on the job site while helping your crew get the job done right. 

About The Brush Man

The Brush Man started in 1976 with just one person selling high-quality brooms and brushes for industrial use. With a mission to “deliver excellence as a formula for success,” this has guided the company forward for over 40 years and has led to a reputation for quality and a devoted customer base. 

Because they are in tune with what their customers need at the job site, they are able to provide the exact products roofing, industrial, and construction companies are seeking. Above all, they strive to deliver an excellent value that blends a competitive price with long-lasting, durable equipment and gear and effective consumables, like cleaning supplies and safety materials. This value is a part of their customer service philosophy which also includes treating vendors like Associated Scaffolding as trusted partners who we can rely on to send products we are proud to sell to our customers. 

Order The Brush Man Industrial and Contracting Equipment Today

With tarps, cleaning gear, marking materials, and more from The Brush Man, you can feel confident that you’re getting quality items at a terrific value. To learn more about their products, find the right items for your next project, or to get a quote, speak with a customer service team member at one of our seven locations or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655.