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Purchase Pyramex N95 Respirators

Pyramex N95 respirators can be valuable in maintaining a safe work environment. Dust on a job site can pose quite a serious risk to your workers’ health. With enough exposure, some dusts can cause serious health issues like kidney disease, lung cancer or COPD. The correct respirator will guard against this and keep your workers not only safe but productive too. We provide Pyramex brand respirators because they are known for their high-quality production and reliability. 

When Are Pyramex N95 Respirators Used?

Always consult OSHA guidelines for which respirator to use in which situation. In general, N95 masks can protect workers’ lungs in a wide range of onsite contexts. N95s can particularly protect against silica dust, a dust commonly generated on worksites through various activities like:

  • Concrete mixing
  • Concrete sawing
  • Drywall cutting and sanding
  • Mortar mixing
  • Road blasting
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • Trenching
  • Block and brick cutting
  • And more

Pyramex N95 Respirators Are High-Quality and Comfortable

The N95 respirators in our stock are not only made for your safety, but they’re also made for your comfort and for ease of use. Construction work is often busy and the conditions can be uncomfortable. Here’s how Pyramex’s great design can help:

  • One size fits all comfortably
  • A foam strip on the inside of the respirator minimizes fogging in your eyewear
  • Elastic straps make it easy on your skin as opposed to staples
  • The inner layer is made to be smooth and soft on your face
  • A long lasting shell made with reliable materials protects against unwanted collapsing. This also helps the respirator to last for a longer amount of time.
  • Big coverage area for added comfort 
  • Easy to breathe in

Our Team Can Help You Choose The Right Respirator

You need the right respirator for your specific project’s needs and we’re here to help you find it. We have been in business since 1947 and know the needs of construction crews inside and out. We can quickly locate the right mask that will meet your safety specifications and needs so your workers can get the job done safely. Check out our respirator models including the PYRM10C, PYRM10VC, RM10,and RM10V

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