• Hi-Viz Lime Bomber Jacket

  • Hi-Viz Quilted Bomber Jacket

  • Pyramex GL102 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL201 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL401 Poly-Torq

  • Pyramex GL402C5 Poly-Torq

  • Pyramex GL601 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL602C3 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL603C5 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL604C5 Corxcel

  • Pyramex GL801 Series Gloves

  • Pyramex GL802CR Series Gloves

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PPE from Pyramex for Sale

At Associated Scaffolding, we understand that your highest priority is keeping your team safe on the jobsite, whether you’re working on building construction, doing road work, or other tasks. To help you prevent injuries, we only carry personal protective equipment (PPE) that meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI guidelines while offering the durability and reliability you and your crew needs.

As part of our dedication to jobsite safety, we carry a wide selection of PPE in our One Stop Safety Shop, all of it from manufacturers we know and trust. That’s why we take pride in carrying Pyramex safety products – we know they take worker safety as seriously as we do! Our selection of Pyramex gear includes, but is not limited to:

Why Choose Pyramex for PPE?

Since their creation in 1991, Pyramex has become a global leader in safety products. While they originally started out designing and manufacturing safety glasses, they expanded through the market to include respirators, head protection, gloves, and more.

They blend unparalleled quality control with continued innovation to maintain their leading status in the industry. Their expanded line of construction gloves include features like PVC patches for abrasion resistance, foam nitrile to improve grip, cut-resistant HPPE liners and other features to improve safety, comfort, and functionality. Their Ridgeline hard hats are made from ABS, a lightweight material that offers unbeatable impact resistance.

Those are just a few examples of how their PPE stands out from the competition.

 Contact Us for Pyramex Safety Products

If you need reliable, OSHA-approved PPE to keep your workers safe and protected, we are your One-Stop Safety Shop! Visit our online store or one of our six locations to get what you need or call us at 1-800-768-2655 to learn more about our selection, find what’s right for you, and get a quote.