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    Sky Climber Adjustable Corner

  • Sky Climber Extendable Wall Roller Deluxe

  • Sky Climber Extendable Wall Roller Standard

  • Sky Climber Fixed Corners

  • Sky Climber Horizontal Hinge

  • Sky Climber Inward or Outward Swinging End Gate

  • Sky Climber Low Mount Boiler Stirrup

  • Sky Climber Movable Walk-by Low Profile Stirrup

  • Sky Climber Movable Walk-thru Stirrup

  • Sky Climber Pass-by Stirrup

  • Sky Climber Standard End Stirrup

  • Sky Climber Steel Lock Pin Assembly

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Buy SSU Swing Stage Suspended Scaffolding Platform Accessories

Want to make your next project safer and more efficient? We’re proud to provide a wide bevy of scaffold platform accessories to help you get the job done right. As your team works at higher levels on the sides of buildings, having the tools, safety features and mobility they need on their scaffolding becomes ever and ever more important. Associated Scaffolding can provide you what you need to ensure the safety of your team and efficiency of your work.

Learn More About SSU Swing Stage Platform Accessories

Adjustable Corners

No matter the angle or shape of the structure’s corner, this adjustable corner can help your crew safely access other areas and perform their work around edges more effectively and with more stability. 

Wall Rollers

Wall rollers work to keep your scaffolding moving in a stable and safe manner while also helping to avoid any destruction to the building or structure being worked on. We can supply standard and deluxe versions. 

Swinging End Gates

This type of gate provides convenient access to platforms and keeps workers safe from falling off accidentally. We provide an end gate that swings both inwards or outwards or standard end gates too. 


Our stirrups are built to last and are ready to keep your scaffolding safely suspended. We can supply a variety including movable walk-by low profile stirrups, movable walk through stirrups, pass-by stirrups and standard end stirrups. 

Even More Scaffold Platform Accessories

We’ve got the supply for your swing gate scaffolding requirements. Beyond the accessories mentioned above, we sell:

  • Horizontal hinges
  • Fixed corners
  • Lock pin assemblies
  • Connecting frames
  • Caster assemblies 

What is Swing Stage Suspended Scaffolding Used For?

Swing stage scaffolding is generally used on structures where access is tougher than normal or on high-rise and mid-rise buildings. They are perfect for restoration, new construction and cleaning. If you need to rent swing stage scaffolding, we can help you there as well. 

Buy Your Scaffold Platform Accessories from an Expert Team!

Our team members know the ins and outs of construction and scaffolding. They’re ready to help you find the scaffold platform accessories for your needs. Please call 1-800-768-2655, contact us online or visit one of our physical stores. We have locations for your convenience in  Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA and Columbia, SC.