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Cuplock System Scaffolding and Accessories for Sale

We are your one-stop-shop for cuplock scaffolding systems and accessories. Your industrial or commercial construction project can run smoothly and efficiently with a long-lasting scaffolding system that can be used for varying settings and structures. 

We can provide diagonal bay braces, horizontal ledgers, vertical posts, steel plants, double ledgers, screw jacks and other items you need to get your scaffolding systems working effectively.

Why Use Cuplock System Scaffolding?

  • Cuplock systems are actually reported to save time by approximately 30% to 50% when they are compared to scaffolding that uses fittings and tube.
  • They also make finishing work easier. Plastering, painting and flooring can be done more efficiently as workers can insert work platforms under or above the scaffolding’s main deck.
  • This scaffolding will make your worksites safer for your crews. They’re sturdy and reliable and can be locked into place quickly. 
  • Since they don’t use wedges, bolts or nuts, your team won’t have so many loose parts to keep track of. 
  • It’s relatively lightweight, making it easier to move, store and manipulate.
  • Made with a galvanized surface – this helps resist corrosion, allowing your system components to last a long time in different types of weather.   

How Does Cuplock System Scaffolding Work?

This system employs a node point locking device. With this node point, workers can insert 4 tubes into the vertical tube. Once this is done, all a worker has to do is hit it with a hammer to securely lock it into place.This creates a stable framework for platforms to be inserted so your crew can start safely working on the project. 

Make Them Mobile Too!

You can even make some of your cuplock scaffolding mobile by adding adapters with wheels. We also offer other high-quality mobile scaffolding units, including:

Order Your Cuplock System Scaffolding and Accessories Now!

Call 1-800-768-2655, place an order online or come visit us in-person at one of our locations located in either  Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC, Knoxville, TN, Richmond, VA and Columbia, SC. We only provide cuplock system scaffolding that’s quality made from reputable manufacturers. Associated Scaffolding has been helping contractors meet their scaffolding needs since 1947 and are ready to help you now.