• Super Anchor D- MINUS ANCHOR

  • Super Anchor 2-1/2" WS Hex-Head Screw

  • Super Anchor 2x4 Safety Bar

  • Super Anchor 2x4/2x6 Combination Safety Bar

  • Super Anchor 3" Bugle Head 410 SST Screw

  • Super Anchor APEX Roof Top Anchor

  • Super Anchor ARS 2×4 Anchor Kit

  • Super Anchor ARS 2×8 Anchor Kit

  • Super Anchor ARS 2×8 Fall Arrest Anchor

  • Super Anchor ARS Tile Roof Anchor Kit

  • Super Anchor Butyl Flashing Strip

  • Super Anchor CRA Anchor

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Falls are one of the leading causes of serious injury and death on a construction job site and having proper protective equipment, including fall protection equipment, is essential to keeping your crew safe on scaffoldings, roofs, and other high areas. Fortunately, with Super Anchor Safety equipment, you can feel confident that you’re using durable equipment that exceeds OSHA’s strict standards. From permanent anchors used for roof repair to harnesses and lifelines that are ideal for swing stage scaffolding and temporary fixtures, we carry a wide range of high-quality, durable equipment to help you outfit your jobsite and your crew. 

Our inventory of Super Anchor Safety Equipment includes: 

About Super Anchor Fall Protection Equipment

Super Anchor Safety is a Washington-based company that was established in 1992 with their permanent roof anchorage device called the “ARS Super Anchor.” Prior to launching Super Anchor, the founder owned American Roof, Inc. in Washington and primarily installed glazed tile and natural slate roofs. As OSHA began enforcing safety regulations, he and his team were dissatisfied with the fall protection equipment that was available on the market. He put his knowledge and experience to work to develop his own line 


While their company has grown exponentially since then, and they have a massive line of personal protective equipment and fall protection equipment for sale, the ARS Super Anchor is the foundation of their product line and a leading seller today. Despite their growth, they are still family-owned and operated and dedicated to following their objective to being the “Best in Fall Arrest.” 

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To purchase Super Anchor Fall Protection Equipment, visit one of our seven locations or shop our online store. In addition to having the fall protection equipment and PPE you need, we have a wide variety of scaffolding, supplies, and services available, including helping you design and erect your scaffold on site. To learn more, call us today at 1-800-768-2655.