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Swing Stage Platforms

Swing stage scaffold platforms are the most common type of suspended scaffolding. Associated Scaffolding offers options that will fit any job site scenario where you need suspended scaffolding, whether its high rise construction, window washing on high rise buildings, or work in small, deep spaces such as silos, digesters, and boilers, swing stage scaffolding is a prudent and cost-effective solution.

Our offerings for swing stages meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements for secure anchorage, support, access, fall protection, and stability.

What is a Swing Stage Platform?

A swing stage, also known as suspended scaffolding, is an adjustable solution for working on buildings. A swing stage platform is suspended by ropes and/or cables from a structure that is overhead. These ropes are connected to stirrups located at each end of the platform and support the platform from all four sides. The platform is then used to transport workers, tools, and materials at an appropriate height in order to perform a job, after it has been secured from the top rigging system. A few scenarios where a swing stage platform is the best solution include commercial restoration, sandblasting, painting, window cleaning, off-shore rigs, and building maintenance.

Why are Swing Stage Platforms Commonly Used?

Swing stages are the most common type of suspended scaffolding for several reasons.


Swing stages are easy to install, take apart, and relocate from place to place. For example, our Standard Platforms are modular systems so they are easy to customize, store, and transport.

Easy to operate

Swing stages have user-friendly operating systems and the modular design makes them easy to install. Associated Scaffolding’s SSU Boiler Platform can be installed by 2 or 3 workers quickly. 

Easy to access

Swing stage platforms provide a space that is easy to access in areas that may be inaccessible for other types of scaffolding, such as in mid- and high-rise buildings, warehouses, and retail malls. For corners, you can add an adjustable piece to the Sky Stage Ultra that angles out to 90 degrees, or choose a fixed corner for a 30, 45, or 90 degree angle. The Sky Stage Ultra Boiler Platform components fold to fit through openings as small as 18”.


Safety is always a primary goal. Our Sky Stage Ultra swing stages are incredibly safe when all of the appropriate precautions are taken to ensure the proper use. Check the lines for any nicks, corrosion, bird-caging, or general wear and tear. Any defect should be taken seriously. Test the motors and brakes to be sure they are functional and are operating correctly.

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Associated Scaffolding gives you safe and versatile choices for job sites that require swing stage platforms. To purchase or to rent, call us at 1-800-768-2655, browse our website, or visit our locations in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC as well as Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN and Richmond, VA.