• KStrong BRUTE Backer LE 8.5' Safety Cable SRL-LE w/ swivel rebar hook at connector & shock pack w/ Twin SRL connector

  • KStrong Kapture Climbing 5-Point Safety Harness w/ Front D-ring & Dorsal D-ring

  • KStrong Kapture Element Arc Flash Rated 5-Point Safety Harness Padded w/ Belt, 3 D-rings

  • KStrong Kapture Element Arc Flash Rated 5-Point Safety Harness w/ 3 D-rings, Mating Buckle Legs & Chest

  • KStrong Kapture Elite 5-Point Safety Harness w/ 3 D-Rings

  • KStrong Kapture Elite 5-Point Safety Harness w/ Dorsal D-Ring

  • KStrong Kapture Epic 5-Point Safety Harness w/ Padding & 3 D-Rings

  • KStrong Kapture Essential 3-Point Safety Harness

  • KStrong Kapture Essential 3-Point Safety Harness w/ 3 D-rings




Full Body Safety Harnesses

With the increasing number of fatal falls in the construction industry in the last few years, there is more focus on the use of full body harnesses to ensure safety. A safety harness is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for any high elevation job.  Safety harnesses are required when working on surfaces with unprotected edges of 6 feet or higher.  Associated Scaffolding has the type of body harness you need to keep your employees safe.

How a Full Body Safety Harness Works

Full body safety harnesses serve two purposes: first, distributing fall forces safely across a worker’s body in the event of a free fall, and second, providing freedom of movement sufficient to allow the worker to effectively perform his or her job. A full body harness combines the features of a sit harness, which supports the hips and upper legs, and a chest harness, which supports the shoulders and chest. When properly used, the full body design contains the human torso and aides in keeping it upright during a fall event.

A harness consists of straps passed over the shoulders, across the chest, and around the legs. In a fall, a full body harness protects you more than a safety belt because the harness distributes the force of impact over a greater area of your body. A safety belt doesn’t level out your body weight like a harness does. The harness secures more of your body so that it is distributed evenly in order to arrest a fall.

Buy Your Full Body Harnesses Today

At Associated Scaffolding, our selection of Full Body Safety Harnesses includes harnesses at a variety of price points and with different types of fastenings and belts. We carry Guardian, KStrong, Werner, and Fall Tech full body harnesses, which are some of the very best in the industry. We are proud to provide our products both online and in our brick and mortar locations in  Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, and Charlotte NC as well as Columbia, SC, Knoxville, TN and Richmond, VA. Give us a call at 1-800-768-2655 for assistance. 

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