• 5 x 26 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (Cut to length)

  • Sale!

    5 x 26 Galvanized Steel Wire Rope (5000' Spool)

  • Shackle

  • Short Insulated Thimble Assembly

  • Sky Climber Fist Grip (J-clamp)

  • Sky Climber Insulated Thimble

  • Sky Climber Standard Steel Thimble

  • Sky Climber Standard Wire Winder (non-powered)

  • Sky Climber Wire Rope and Cable Winder

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Scaffolding Wire Rope & Cable Accessories from a Trusted Source

Whenever you require high-quality scaffolding wire rope and accessories for your projects, the Associated Scaffolding team is here to assist you. Reliable scaffolding wire rope is one of the most crucial elements to maintaining the safety of your work crew during suspended scaffolding operations. Working in conjunction with the scaffolding platforms that your team stands on plus with any associated rigging setups, the wire rope is literally the connective piece that keeps your crew suspended. Such a vital component truly needs to be reliable. You can rest easy when you buy with us as all the scaffolding wire rope and accessories we provide absolutely meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

Our Selection of Suspended Scaffold Wire Rope & Accessories for Sale

We’ve got the wire rope stock to help you meet your scaffolding goals. We can provide you with galvanized steel wire rope that is cut to length for your specific project’s needs and we also offer wire rope in spools. Having a spool is great for larger projects or if you’d like to maintain your own access to a readily available supply for when you need it. Associated Scaffolding also has quality-built thimbles assemblies, shackles, fist grips and more. Our variety of essential accessories and components helps you to succeed when preparing for and working on your next project.

We also offer a sturdy wire rope and cable winder that helps conveniently spool and unspool your wire in your warehouse or on the jobsite. This effective tool keeps your wire rope supply safe and organized and makes it easier to transport. It’s easy to use and can also effectively assist in maintaining a clean and safe jobsite after you’re done using the rope for the time being. 

We’re Your Team for Sky Climber Wire Rope and Accessories

For over 70 years, we have helped construction companies excel by providing top of the line equipment. We only sell scaffolding and rigging products that are created with high-quality standards, from trusted and renowned manufacturers. It’s just one of the reasons we’ve been trusted by so many professionals in so many construction settings.

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Call our knowledgeable and experienced team today at 1-800-768-2655 or place your order on our site. You can also talk with one of our skilled scaffolding professionals in our physical stores. We have locations in Raleigh, NC or Knoxville, TN, Charlotte, NC, Richmond, VAColumbia, SC, Durham, NC and Greensboro, NC.