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Jobsite Storage Solutions by Knaack

Jobsites are often the location of break-ins and burglaries where expensive equipment and materials are stolen. This is generally because there is no security and there aren’t secure storage locations to keep equipment during the overnight or off-site hours, leaving the area vulnerable to theft. We understand that it’s not always feasible to take equipment and supplies with you at the end of the day, which is why we sell Knaack jobsite storage solutions.

Why Choose Knaack Jobsite Storage?

Knaack is the leading manufacturer and distributor of maximum security and storage for jobsites. Founded in 1960 by Howard Knaack, he and several business partners knew there was a need for ready-made storage boxes to use at jobsites and construction areas. Starting out as a sheet metal fabrication business, over time, the products grew to be more secure and durable. Over time, as the boxes were made to be weather proof, durable, and safe to use, word quickly spread about Knaack storage boxes and their reputation grew.

By 1984, Knaack equipment was available in 50 states and became known as “The most trusted name in jobsite security.” Innovations included gas pistons to make them easier and safer to open and close and piano hinges to ensure they are break-in resistant. Today, they produce a vast variety of storage solutions and truck boxes for every need, from small tool storage to safety and first aid supplies. We carry:

Contact Us for Jobsite Storage by Knaack

If you want to keep your tools and equipment safe from theft and protected from the elements without having to haul them to and from a jobsite everyday, we can help! Visit our online store or one of our six locations to find the right tool box, storage cabinets, chests, and more. To get a quick quote or learn which size and type of box or cabinet is best for you, give us a call at 1-800-768-2655.