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Ideal for small spaces or working in residential areas, the ReechCraft PowerPole will take the place of your traditional pump jack system or scaffolding. This streamlined design allows you to quickly set up and get working quickly, whether you need to access spaces between close buildings, access a rooftop, or navigate landscaping.

Why Choose the PowerPole Pump Jack?

ReechCraft is known for designing and manufacturing access solutions that are more efficient and safer than traditional methods and the PowerPole is no exception. Able to extend up to 75 feet high, the PowerPole is often used for working on siding, roofing, and windows as well as maintenance and restoration projects. For small spaces, a single pole can be attached to a wall and equipped with a basket while two-person tasks can be completed using mid-rails and walk boards.

No matter which configuration you set up, the drill-powered gearbox offers quick ascent and descent without the risk of injury and makes climbing three times faster than a traditional pump jack. Additional safety features include a base foot that can pin to the ground, an outrigger with a stabilizer and non-marking v-braces.

Learn More About the PowerPole Pump Jack System

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