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    10' 6" Alum-A-Brake Ultima QS Quick Set Up Brake

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    10' 6" Alum-A-Pole Ultima QCS Cut System Brake

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    10' 6" Alum-A-Pole Ultima QMS Quick Measure System Brake

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    Alum-A-Brake Coil Holder

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    Alum-A-Brake Legs Ultima "Q" Series (Set of 2)

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    Metal Brake Rack by Safety Hoist Co.

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When you are installing siding, flashing, or fascia, precision matters. You need precise bends, sharp creases, and clean cuts in order to get a final result that doesn’t just function properly but that also looks professional. That’s why we carry Alum-A-Brake Ultima Q Series siding brakes from Alum-A-Pole. In addition to manufacturing high quality pump jack scaffolding, they are a leading manufacturer of high quality aluminum system brakes that allow you to bend, cut, and crease aluminum, copper, soft steel, and vinyl efficiently and precisely. 

About Alum-A-Pole

Alum-A-Pole was founded in 1980 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Founder Carl Anderson was a siding contractor who found the traditional methods of nailing planks together with wooden cross bracing and poor quality pump jacks were an injury waiting to happen. Carl took the initiative to improve scaffolding safety and created a pump-jack system that far exceeded the quality and safety of anything that came before it. 

Working with OSHA, the Alum-A-Pole scaffolding system was designed as the first system to be approved for use at a 50-foot shoulder working height. Up to this point, the OSHA-approved height maximum was only at a 30-foot working height. In the 40+ years Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System has been on the market, there have not been any reported accidents with the scaffolding when following manufacturer’s and OSHA guidelines. Their dedication to safety and their quality products are why we are proud to carry their products. 

Following the development of the Alum-A-Pole Scaffolding System, Carl began working on the first solid vinyl trim coil, and released the Pro-Trim Durobend in 1989. In 2004, the Alum-A-Brake siding brake hit the market and improved how siding and roofing contractors could perform their jobs, improving safety, increasing productivity, and saving time and labor without sacrificing precision and quality. 

Purchase Your Alum-A-Pole Siding Brake Today

The Alum-A-Pole Ultima series of siding brakes is a smart investment in your company. With easy, efficient hemming, secure clamping, and a highly durable design, you can feel confident in the quality of your work when you use this brake for folding, creasing, and cutting siding and other materials. To learn more or reach out to our team today at 1-800-768-2655, fill out the form below, or visit one of our seven locations