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Alum-A-Pole Siding Brakes

10' 6" Alum-A-Pole Ultima QMS Quick Measure System Brake

Model Number: Alum-A-Brake QMS

The Alum-A-Pole 10'6" ( Alum-A-Brake ) 19 1/2" Throat Ultima QMS Quick Measure System Standard Bending Brake is Equipped with the cut system, measure system, track mounted quick cutter, cutter guide bar, quick cutter stop, 2 measuring arms, 4 maximizers, full-size removable table and 3 Fold-Up Bending Handles. Key Features: • Easy, efficient hemming! • Power lock snap for superior secure clamping! • Replaceable hardened stainless steel jaw cover edge • Replaceable PVC bending hinge edge • Fold-up comfortable bending handles • Ribbed frame castings for greater durability • Anodized aluminum parts to prevent metal oxidation Maximum Capability: • 28 Gauge Soft Steel • 16 Oz. Copper • .024 Aluminum Coil • .035 Vinyl Coil
Online Price: Original price was: $2,950.00.Current price is: $2,550.00.
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The USA made Alum-A-Brake Ultima “Q” Series is available in 3 options. The Alum-A-Pole brakes are the best brake in its class to depend on for fast, clean,
crisp bends. With a 19 1/2″ throat depth, you can work faster, saving valuable time on the job site. Combine a “Q” series Alum-A-Brake with our optional coil holder and legs and you will have the ultimate complete professional package for any job.

Weight 245 lbs


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