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Sky Climber Swing Stage Hoists

Swing stage hoists are integral in a properly functioning and safe swing stage scaffold, the most common of all types of suspended scaffolds. Swing stage scaffolding is a platform stage that swings from a building. It is primarily used for jobs at high-rise buildings, such as window washing and construction. Swing stage hoists enable raising, lowering, and stopping the platforms so workers can perform their jobs safely.

A swing stage scaffold is suspended from an overhead structure and has a working platform. Using this type of scaffold is cost-effective when working on a high-rise structure. Typically, a swing stage scaffold is supported on four sides with ropes or metal chains and powered by an electric swing stage hoist. The hoist enables you to control the ascent and descent, ensuring a safe and reliable platform.

Safe and Reliable Hoists For Sale  

Because the swing stage hoist is the control and power behind the operation of the suspended platform, it has to be sturdy and reliable. You must have trust that it is going to operate properly at all times in order to keep workers safe. 

At Associated Scaffolding, we offer the best swing stage hoists available. Our Sky Climber hoists are designed with minimum internal components and with a strong output even if voltage is low. Due to their aluminum exterior, these swing stage hoists are lightweight yet strong for harsh conditions. These features help to keep maintenance simple and reduce costs.

Sky Climber & Bisomac Hoists Repair

We offer swing stage hoist repair as well. If you are having problems with your swing stage hoist, we will be able to help. Our technicians have been trained to be able to repair Sky Climber, Beta Max Hoist, and Bee Access (Bisomac).

Whether you need a certification, annual inspection, or have concerns with malfunctioning equipment, our service department can help. With years of experience we can provide you with the swing stage hoist repairs and services you need to keep your job site safe while minimizing expensive downtime. Contact us today at (800) 768-2655 to learn more.

Rent or Buy Swing Stage Hoists

We like to service our customers by giving you options that make sense for your business. In this regard, we provide you with the ability to either purchase or rent our swing stage scaffolding and hoists. Click here for more information on our swing stage rental options. And, if you would like information on renting material hoists, go to material hoists for rent.