• Metaltech 6' Protec Saferstack Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 6' Protec Saferstack w/Hook Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 6'4" Protec Plus Saferstack Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 6'4" Protec Plus Saferstack W/Hook Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 8' Protec Saferstack Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 8' Protec Saferstack W/Hook Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 8'6" Protec Plus Saferstack Jobsite Fence

  • Metaltech 8'6" Protec Plus Saferstack W/Hook Jobsite Fence

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There are many times when a security fence is needed on a job site for protection of both the work being done and any people who may unknowingly walk into the area. Security is extremely important on a construction site to keep theft and vandalism at bay. As you are aware, you can be liable for accidents that occur on-site whether workers are on the premises or not. Thievery and accidents can cost you money that you don’t need to spend. To make your worksite as safe and secure as possible, purchase a strong temporary fence at Associated Scaffolding.

OSHA and City Code Requirements

Job site safety is a priority in the construction industry, OSHA has construction regulations that contractors must comply with at all times. Additionally, cities have enforcement codes to ensure that contractors comply with building codes. Most local codes require a 6-foot high perimeter fencing in the work zone prior to construction, demolition, or excavation. 

Construction equipment, materials, office trailers and dumpsters can be stored only in the fenced area. Access to the site has to be through a suitable gate that must be securely locked during off-hours to prevent unauthorized entry.


Some of the risks of a construction site that can be mitigated by security fences are:

  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Excavations
  • Falls
  • Temporary electrical installations
  • Partially constructed structures
  • Stored construction materials
  • On-site plant and equipment

The person who has management and control of a workplace is responsible for controlling the risks. The most acceptable method is by using appropriate temporary site security fencing. There are other controls such as surveillance by cameras and security personnel that can be used as well, but these are best utilized for short periods of time where it isn’t reasonable to provide fencing alone.

Qualities of Security Fencing

A proper security fence should be at least 6 feet high, well-constructed, and difficult to climb. Construction of the fence should include gates and joints that are securely connected, without any weak points that could be breached. A good security fence should be stable and have the ability to withstand heavy loads and forces like strong winds. And lastly, a temporary fence needs to be both difficult to climb and prevent access from underneath.

Associated Scaffolding Temporary Fence Solutions

Our temporary fences not only meet the requirements for safety, but also give you options for the type of fence that meets your specific job site needs. We have fences that are 6’, 6’4”, 8’, and 8’6” high. We offer the Metaltech Protec Saferstack brand of fencing which is one of the top names in security fencing. The panels are easy to stack and install. For example, take a look at our Metaltech 6’ Protec Saferstack Jobsite Fence and the 6’ Protec Saferstack with Hook Jobsite Fence to see the quality construction made of 6 gauge galvanized welded wire and reinforcing bends.

Order Your Temporary Security Fences Today!

If you’re looking for the best security fence available for your job site safety, look no further. Our service team at Associated Scaffolding is standing by to answer all your questions regarding our temporary security fences. Buy online or give us a call at 1-800-768-2655