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  • Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ - 60 Series

  • TrimCutter

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Van-Mark Bending Brakes for Sale

Bending brakes are used to bend sheet metal, including siding, gutters, and trim for doors and windows. Purchasing a low-quality or “cheap” option will lead to inaccurate, uneven bending that can ruin expensive materials, which is why we recommend and carry Van Mark. Their equipment ensures deep, clean creasing and bending that makes it easy to cut, trim, and prepare for installation.

In addition to bending brakes, we also carry their TrimCutter, a low-profile cutting tool that works with the brake and is designed to cut sharply through thousands of feet of metal without leaving the dragged, sharp points that could cause injury. 

About Van Mark Metal Brakes 

Van Mark is a leading manufacturer of portable bending brakes and slitters including the Industrial Metal Master 20 EZ-60 Series. With strong clamping and a broad bending radius, you can feel confident that their equipment will result in quicker, easier operations. 

Founded in 1964 by Gene Van Cleave, his goal was to make a portable bending brake that could be used for light gauge aluminum without damaging the material. Over the past 50-plus years, the company has continued to focus on improving and innovating bending brakes, as well as designing other tools, including slitters, cutting tables, and gutter trimming equipment. 

Today, Van Mark is still located in Michigan and run by Gene Van Cleave’s son, Jeff who is following in his father’s footsteps regarding the dedication to high-quality, durable, affordable equipment. 

Order Your Van Mark Bending Brake Today

To purchase a Van Mark bending brake, trim cutter, or stand, visit one of our seven locations or shop our online store. Along with these items, we carry a wide variety of scaffolding and access equipment as well as fall protection and PPE. To learn more, call us today at 1-800-768-2655.

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