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What is Endlock Tube Pipe and Clamp Scaffolding?

Endlock tube pipe and clamp scaffolding uses platforms that are held up by tube piping. Clamps, also known as coupling devices, are utilized to connect various braces, uprights, runners and bearers. These scaffolds are very strong and are perfect for projects that involve moving very heavy materials and are also useful when work is required to be done several floors upwards. This kind of scaffolding can also be beneficial when working on structures with strange curves or shapes since they can be built in multiple directions. 

Settings Where This Scaffolding Can Help:

Complex work spaces call for adaptable tools. Endlock tube pipe and clamp scaffolding can really be manipulated to provide access to nearly any structure. It’s perfect for repairs, construction and cleaning in various settings such as industrial structures, building around machinery, refineries, stairs and tanks, power plants, petrochemical plants, constructing ships and congested places like cities.

The Endlock Tube, Pipe and Clamp Benefits:

  • Safe to construct
  • Interchangeable components
  • Horizontal tubes can be set at a certain height, that way your walking platforms can provide easier access to different parts of the structure 
  • Relatively lower cost than other scaffolding helps you save on your project costs
  • Galvanized clamps and tubes minimize risk of rusting so your scaffolding can be of use to you longer

How the Connections Work

  • In order to bolster the strength of the platforms, diagonal tubes will connect to horizontal and vertical tubing using swivel couplings. 
  • Vertical tubes use right angle couplings to connect with horizontal tubes
  • You can adjust vertical and horizontal tubing to your desired distance

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We’ve been in the business of providing access equipment for over 70 years so you can certainly trust that we know what we’re doing. We thrive on a culture of training and our team is updated regularly on the latest industry standards so they can assist you proficiently with your project needs. 

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