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Confined Space Tripods

Confined space work areas present special challenges. Workers across many industries may need to enter a confined space. Tunnels, manholes, tanks, hoppers, and crawl spaces are  examples of these types of spaces. Because the potential for hazardous falls exists in these restrictive work spaces, specific equipment is necessary both to prevent and retrieve. Keeping a worker upright with a full-body harness and equipped with a lifeline, preferably self-retracting, are two imperatives. The third element required in a confined space fall protection system is an anchor device such as a confined space tripod or davit. 

What is a Confined Space Tripod?

In a confined space work environment, a confined space tripod serves as a secured anchor point for a lifeline or hoist. A tripod is a great option for a confined space that requires vertical entry and has no fixed ladder, like a manhole entry. In fact, confined space tripods can be used in a majority of confined space situations. 

How does a Confined Space Tripod Work?

A confined space tripod is set up over the entry of the space and the lifeline is attached to it. confined space tripods are easily set up by one person and can be transported from one location to another. It is important to know the size of the opening to be sure the tripod can accommodate it. In addition to the tripod, you need a connector like a winch to lower and raise the worker. 

Order Your Confined Space Tripods Today

Associated Scaffolding has a tremendous selection of tripods as well as other items you need in a confined space work area. With our array of tripod kits (like the Guardian Arc-O-Pod System Kit, winches (like the Guardian Rescue Winch), and pulleys (like the Fall Tech Aluminum Confined Space Pulley), we’re certain you will find the essential equipment you need.

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