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Fall Tech 7509 Tripod Kit for Confined Space

Model Number: 7509

  • Fall Tech 7509 Tripod Kit comes with 7276 Tripod, 7297 Winch, 7281 3-Way Retrieval SRL, plus two leg brackets and storage bags
  • Tripod is fitted with two head mounted pulleys
  • Adjustable to 55" to 91" working height, with 6" adjustments
  • 60' Retrieval SRL w/ galvanized cable
  • Includes 7297 60' Personnel Winch with 3/16" galvanized steel cable
Online Price: $2,400.00
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FallTech 7509 Tripod Kit Fall Protection Equipment

While we know you strive do do everything possible to prevent falls and injury in the worksite, it’s also important to be prepared for accidents. That includes falls into confined areas  which can be dangerous if the victim is not rescued in time.

Designed to facilitate non-entry rescue and retrieval, the FallTech 7509 Tripod kit comes with all the components you need to rescue someone who has fallen in a confined space.

Tripod 7276

Made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum, the Tripod 7276 is adjustable up to a 91-inch working height, and includes two head-mounted pulleys. Weighing only 50 pounds, this compact tripod is easy to fold and comes with a convenient, weather resistant storage bag.

Rescue and Retrieval Supplies

The Tripod Kit also comes with a Winch 7297 that is fully rated for personnel and comes with a 60-foot personnel winch with galvanized cable.  With a 12 foot per minute lifting speed and a secondary braking system for added safety, this allows you to rescue someone who may have fallen into an enclosed or confined space.

The 3-Way Retrieval SRL includes hard-wearing bronze pawls and a ratchet center to provide positive locking engagement and can connect to a winch mechanism for emergency retrieval.

The Tripod 7276 also includes leg brackets and storage bags to make it easy to set up when needed and keep stored when not in use.

Contact Associated Scaffolding for Confined Space Retrieval Equipment

To learn more about our selection of fall protection equipment, including the Tripod 7509 Kit, contact Associated Scaffolding. We have seven physical locations, along with a national sales department, with teams who are experienced and knowledgeable about our products. They are here to answer any questions and connect you to the fall protection solutions you need for a safe jobsite.  Call us today at (800) 768-2655 or fill out our contact form to get started.


Weight 124 lbs


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