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Drywall Equipment


Model Number: I-BMDS1830

Assembled Dimensions (W x D x H) 12.5 X 6 X 38 IN. (31.8 X 15.2 X 96.5 CM)
Package Dimensions (W x D x H) 13.25 X 8 X 25 IN. (33.7 X 20.3 X 63.5 CM)
Load Capacity 225 lb
Reach 9 ft 3 in.  (2.82 m) Calculated with a 5’9” (1.75 m) person with a vertical 12” (30 cm) reach
Adjustable Heights 18 up to 30 in. (45.7 up to 76.2 cm) 2 in. (5 cm) increment adjustable heights
Material Anodized aluminum
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Online Price: $225.00
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MetalTech Drywall Stilts

If you are installing drywall, you know the continued climbing up and down a ladder or utility scaffolding, repositioning its location, and trying to turn and maneuver on it is both time consuming and even dangerous. Our 18″-30″ drywall stilts from MetalTech will allow you to skip the ladder so you can improve your productivity and get the job done faster!

Using Drywall Stilts

Drywall stilts allow you to move comfortably and offer you a full range of motion, something you don’t have on a ladder or even a scaffolding.  Additionally, working in tight spaces or residential areas means you may not have the ability to bring additional equipment in to help get the job done. Stilts are light, compact, and are adjustable so you can reach the height necessary to hang drywall without stretching or reaching. 

Drywall stilts can also be used for other projects, like placing ceiling tiles, changing lights or doing electrical work, making them a multi-use tool.

Choosing MetalTech Drywall Stilts

MetalTech is a leader in designing and manufacturing drywall equipment.  Their 18″ – 30″ stilts are made from lightweight aluminum so they are light to walk in and don’t weigh you down as you work. You’ll feel confident as you move, knowing that these stilts won’t shift or come undone with the secure, self-locking metal buckles. The straps that go around your feet and calves are designed to reduce fatigue while being durable, completely adjustable, and incredibly secure.

In addition to feeling secure and comfortable, they are more natural to walk in than other stilts. MetalTech designed these drywall stilts with an ergonomic design that includes dual spring action. This provides you with more flexibility in how you walk so it feels more natural, which reduces the risk of losing your balance.

Contact Associated Scaffolding for MetalTech 18″-30″ Drywall Stilts

We have a wide selection of drywall equipment and accessories that can help you improve productivity and reduce your risk of injury. To learn more about our selection of drywall stilts and other supplies, reach out to the Associated Scaffolding team today! Each of our seven locations and our national sales department feature an experienced sales and service team able to answer your questions and provide you with the advice you need to make the right choice. Call us today at (800) 768-2655 or fill out our contact form to get started.




Weight 8 lbs


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