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Metaltech Pump Jacks

Metaltech Aluminum Pole Connector

Model Number: Metal Tech PJ-C06

Metaltech Aluminum Pole Connector Model# PJ-C06

The connector is used in conjunction with the Aluminum Pump Jack Poles. The pole connector attaches two poles together in the center to create a longer pole height.

The connector is compatible with the Qual-Craft and Metal Tech Aluminum All-Pro and Ultra series equipment.

Online Price: $95.00
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Metaltech Aluminum Pole Connector is formerly known as the Qual-Craft ” Ultra-Jack ” Pole Connector. All Qual-Craft Ultra Jack components are now manufactured by Metaltech in Canada, with the same quality standards.

Using a Ultra-Jack Brace, secure all poles to the work wall at the bottom and the top of each pole, and at other points as necessary. For poles longer than 24 feet, install intermediate bracing every 12 feet. Poles must be plumb. The rubber surface of each pole should face out from the work wall. The round bar of the pole brace should be fastened to the work wall at right angle to the pole. The angle of the bar should then be fastened to the right or left as desired. Fasten using two 2 inch or longer #12 wood screws per fastening
plate. Always fasten to structural members; stud, rafter or joist. The spread between the brace arms is 32 inches thus enabling installation on studs 16″ on center.


A) When passing an Ultra-Jack Brace that is already installed, an extra brace should be installed approximately 4 feet above the one to be passed until the brace is reinstalled.

B) After installing the temporary brace, loosen the wing nut and allow the brace to be passed to swing clear of the pole. Do not remove from the wall. After brace has been passed, reconnect it to the pole and remove the extra brace.

All ANSI/OSHA Guidelines must be followed when using this equipment. Always use fall protection that best fits your application, never get on a pump jack system without the proper fall protection equipment.

This pump jack equipment is not recommended to be mixed with any other manufactures’ pump jack system or to be used with any wooden pole pump jack components.

Weight 15 lbs


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