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Metaltech Pump Jacks

42' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack Scaffold Set

Model Number: Metaltech 42'

42' Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack "Ultra-Jack" Scaffolding Set Includes:
  • (2) Model# PJ-PP24 - 24' Pro Aluminum Pump Jack Pole
  • (2) Model# PJ-PP18 - 18' Pro Aluminum Pump Jack Pole
  • (2) Model# PJ-C06 - 6' ultra Jack Pole Connector
  • (2) Model# PJ-PJAL - Ultra-Jack Aluminum Pump Jack
  • (6) Model# PJ-BAL- Ultra-Jack Foldable Pump Jack Steel Brace
  • (2) Model# PJ-WBAL- Ultra-Jack Aluminum Work Bench Bracket
  • (2) Model# PJ-PAAL - Ultra-Jack Rubber Pole Feet Base

The Ultra-Jack Metaltech 42' Tall package is our most popular kit we sell. The Metal Tech aluminum pump jack scaffold is very versatile, dependable, easy to operate and durable for all types of trades.This ki consist of a 24' and 18' aluminum pro pole connected together to make a total of 42' in height.

Online Price: $2,550.00
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42′ Metaltech Aluminum Pump Jack ” Ultra-Jack ” Scaffold Set is formerly known as the Qual-Craft ” Ultra Jack ” Basic Starter Set. All Qual-Craft Ultrajack components are now manufactured by Metaltech in Canada, with the same quality standards. The max working height is 50 foot. The pump jack system will accommodate planks 12′ to 24′ in length and 12″ and 24″ in width.

The Metaltech Aluminum Pro poles can be used with two types of bases to accommodate any groundwork surface. The anti-slip base works well on flat and hard surfaces, and the spiked anchors offer
security on soft and uneven surfaces.

The aluminum poles are equipped with a replaceable rubber facing that ensures a strong grip as the pump jacks move up and down. The system is configurable with a variety of
options that accommodate multiple configurations and all project environments.

The whole System can easily be handled and carried around the jobsite. Making it a breeze a to transport, saving time and labor costs.

You won’t believe the smooth action and how easy it is to operate the Ultra-Jack system.

All ANSI/OSHA Guidelines must be followed when using this equipment. Always use fall protection that best fits your application, never get on a pump jack system without the proper fall protection equipment.

This pump jack equipment is not recommended to be mixed with any other manufactures’ pump jack system or to be used with any wooden pole pump jack components.



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