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Reechcraft Portable Powerlift

Reechcraft PL-X8 Power Lift (7' 7" Platform Height)

Model Number: 4028204

Reechcraft PL-X8 Power Lift, Part # 4028204 is a Personal Portable Lift with a platform height of 11'7". With the new compact base, it is easy to maneuver and automatically stabilizes when the platform is raised. The most versatile and simplest indoor personal lift in the residential, commercial and industrial market today!

The PL-X8 has a max capacity of 350 lbs. and max working height of 14 ft. It can easily be moved around in tight spaces.

Power Lift’s are operated easily by a corded or cordless drill for its power eliminating expensive controls, sensors or switches to repair when they malfunction.

The New Standard PL-X8 model now comes equipped with the compact base along with an upgraded built in tool tray and entrance gates on the new improved work cage basket.

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Online Price: $6,950.00
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Reechcraft PL-X8 Power Lift (7′ 7″ Platform Height)

Please NOTE, The X-series includes a new compact base for those small jobs only requiring 4-12 ft platform height. We have 5 pre-packaged models similar to the previous PL-20 model, where what you see is what you get. These are the PL-X4, PL-X8, PL-X12, PL-X16, and PL-X20. Each of the numbers in these models corresponds to the maximum platform height available to this lift and has a corresponding base. The bases CANNOT be changed out on any of these models.

If you are wanting multiple base styles or potential need of other bases in the future like the previous PL-65 model, then the PL-XM (“M” for modular) model is what you need. The XM model allows the options of height and base. For example a full PL-XM (Part# 4027900), and your chose of base option, and (3) additional middle masts (Part# 4028198) would give you the maximum amount of mast and the ability to have a different bases in the future.

The ReechCraft PowerLift PL-X personal portable lift takes you to new heights for indoor facility maintenance. That’s because, unlike traditional ladders and scissor lifts, no matter what tight spaces or uneven surfaces you need to work on, our portable PowerLift gets the job done. With up to 18 unique configurations, the PowerLift makes reaching difficult places easy and safe for schools, churches, auditoriums, theaters, offices, and more.

Smart Modular Design
PowerTrak™ Powered by cordless drillPatented mast coupling system for quick extension
Multiple base sizes and platform height options

Extremely PortableOne person can carry up stairs when disassembled
Rolls over rough terrain with ease
Fits and moves easily in tight spaces

Complies with ANSI and OSHA standards
Easily accessible tool tray
Maximum platform height 24 ft
350 lb platform capacity
Stable at all heights

Our PowerLift system is now modular. Simply choose the height and base you need today, and expand it later!

Stowable Mast Section: Mast extensions stow alongside basket for quick vertical changes during use. Individual mast design makes the PowerLift personal portable lift maintenance easier and less expensive than traditional scissor lifts.
Tool Tray: Carry all your tools and supplies for the job!
Easy Entrance Gates: Just step in and get to work.
Gear Box: Our gearbox means the only thing you need to power the PowerLift is any electric drill. The gearbox also features an integrated overspeed brake, which automatically stops the platform in case of accidental overspeed.
Coupler System: Makes attaching vertical mast sections fast. Lock levels prevent platform movement until masts are fully coupled.
Base Options: Multiple base options; compact, fixed, outrigger, and straddle.


  • Instant Access: The compact base is easy to maneuver and automatically stabilizes when the platform is raised. Platform height up to 12′
  • Small Footprint: The stable fixed base has an incredibly small footprint. This makes it perfect for working in tight areas where typical lifts cannot be set up. Platform height up to 20′
  • Quick + Easy Setup: The classic outrigger base with adjustable pads quickly and easily creates a stable foundation, even on the most difficult surfaces. Platform height up to 20′
  • Highly Versatile: The straddle base is a versatile option for a wide variety of jobs. With this setup, working over obstacles like theater seats or church pews is no problem. Platform height up to 24′

Weight 499 lbs


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