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TELPRO DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press

  • Reduces musculoskeletal strain associated with operating rotary hammer drills overhead
  • Reduces risk of job-site falls by eliminating the need for ladders for overhead drilling
  • Integrated dust extraction system captures dangerous airborne silica dust (vacuum sold separately)
  • Reaches 12’ ceilings
  • Compatible with scissor lifts for higher ceilings
  • Holds a wide variety of rotary hammer drills
  • Operates both AC and cordless drills
  • Chain lift mechanism for simplicity, durability, long life and low maintenance
  • Safety winch/clutch design simplifies & speeds operation
  • Manufactured in USA by Telpro Inc. with a 40 year history in the construction equipment industry
  • One year limited warranty with U.S. parts, service and customer support
  • Ships compactly; easily portable
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Telpro, Inc. developed the DrillRite™ Overhead Concrete Drill Press to make life safer and easier for workers drilling overhead into concrete.

Working with the UC Berkeley Department of Ergonomics, we modified concepts developed in the course of their five year research project to design and manufacture a commercially practical overhead drill press.

Please call 919-226-3466 to have our expert figure your next project and receive a complete quote, including shipping.

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 120 in

Model 210 – max drill handle saddle height 7', Model 350- max drill handle saddle height 11.5'


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