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DuraChute Pitched Roof Outrigger 0316

Model Number: 0316

The DuraChute Model# 0316 Pitched Roof Outrigger can be used for pitched roof chute hanging application. The outrigger includes:
        • Two 8′ round tubes
        • Two 4′ diagonal braces
        • Four roof tube brackets
        • Two 90-degree clamps
        • 1/4″ safety tie-back plate
        • 5/8″ shackle
        • 40′ of aircraft cable
        • Six 3/8″ cable clamps
The roof tube support brackets attach to the roof trusses. The basic support frame attaches to the pitched roof outrigger.
Online Price: $1,320.00
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The DURACHUTE™ system from Chutes International is the #1 debris chute for contractors, roofers, scaffolding, rental yards and construction companies across the US.  The blow-molding manufacturing process and heat treated, proof tested galvanized chains result in a more durable section, making it outlast any other chute on the market.  The DURACHUTE™ system has a complete line of accessories and outriggers to provide a safe and easy installation for almost any job application.  Whether you are installing it out of a window or coming off of a flat, sloped, or parapet roof, DURACHUTE™ has you covered.  Highlights of the system include:​


  • 32″ diameter for more efficient and effective debris removal
  • Upper and lower rings for extra stability
  • 3’1″ of ​​usable chute length per 4′ section
  • Easy storage and transport due to stacking and telescoping sections


Please call 919-226-3466 to have our expert figure your next project and receive a complete quote, including shipping.

Weight 850 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 30 in


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