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DuraChute Flat Roof Outrigger 0314

Model Number: 0314

The DuraChute Flat Roof Outrigger Model# 0314 is safe and easy to install. Used for flat roof and slab mounting applications. Set Includes:
  • Two (2) Front 6' Square Tubes w/ Clamps
  • Two (2) Back 6' Square Tubes w/ Clamps
  • Two (2) 90-Degree Clamps
  • Two (2) Outserts
  • Two (2) Kicker-Stubs
  • Two (2) Counterweight Stubs
  • Four (4) 1/2" x 3" Grade 8 Bolts w/ Self-Locking Nuts
  • 1/4" Safety Tie-Back Plate
  • 5/8" Shackle
  • 50' Aircraft Cable
  • Six (6) 3/8" Cable Clamps
Item # 0320 counterweights, as needed are sold separately. Please refer to CHUTES' Counterweight Table to compute number of counterweights required for your applicable use. Located in the installation manual under user guides below. The basic support frame attaches to the flat roof outrigger.
Online Price: $2,470.00
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The DURACHUTE™ system from Chutes International is the #1 debris chute for contractors, roofers, scaffolding, rental yards and construction companies across the US.  The blow-molding manufacturing process and heat treated, proof tested galvanized chains result in a more durable section, making it outlast any other chute on the market.  The DURACHUTE™ system has a complete line of accessories and outriggers to provide a safe and easy installation for almost any job application.  Whether you are installing it out of a window or coming off of a flat, sloped, or parapet roof, DURACHUTE™ has you covered.  Highlights of the system include:​


  • 32″ diameter for more efficient and effective debris removal
  • Upper and lower rings for extra stability
  • 3’1″ of ​​usable chute length per 4′ section
  • Easy storage and transport due to stacking and telescoping sections


Please call 919-226-3466 to have our expert figure your next project and receive a complete quote, including shipping.

Weight 215 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 30 in


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